ALAC Theater Myriad Delight 2012-2013

Myriad’s Side Dishes Myriad’s Mini Desserts

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Entrees = $12 each
Jerk Chicken, Rice Peas w Sauteed Cabbage

Crispy Eggplant w Spicy Tomato Sauce

Three Cheese Tortellini Pasta with Greens in a Blush Clam Sauce

Grilled Salmon with mixed baby greens, spinach, cranberries, carrots, goat cheese and walnuts

Sides = $2 – $6 each
Chicken Corn Chowder
Corn Muffins
Garlic Bread
Soft Drinks/Juice

(Choose when you pick up)

Juice/Soft Drink/Soda
Sparkling Cider
Desserts = $4 each
Chocolate Cake
Bread Pudding
Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Whole Dinner
Special Meal Package

$18 (normally $21)
Three Cheese Tortellini Pasta, extra bread, dessert, and choice of drink
Special Vegetarian Meal Package

$18 (normally $21)
Crispy Eggplant, extra bread, dessert, and choice of drink

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