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MYRIAD is a service company that provides a full spectrum of services for…
  • Time-starved professionals who need to be in three places at one time
  • Small business owners or non-profit organizations that need help on occasion
  • People celebrating a special time in their life
  • Senior citizens who have done it all and would like somebody else to do it now
  • Children needing a safe place to grow, explore and showcase their creativity

From the 5 year old to the 75 year old, we offer solutions. If it’s legal and ethical we do it or provide it.

Myriad enhances the lifestyles of our clients!

Latest News

Holiday Bake Sale

To order your Holiday Desserts go to the Myriad Delights Catering, Standard Desserts, or Mini Desserts pages.


Buy 2 items get 5% off of order!

Buy 3 or more and get 10% off order!

Nov 20, 21 & Dec 23, 24 (6pm-8pm), Dec 30 (10am-12noon)
Allens Lane Art Center
601 W. Allens Lane
Philadelphia 19119

Cash orders can be made at ALAC on Theater Nights For:
Nov 16, 17 (evening), 18 (matinee)
Christmas & New Year’s Eve
Nov 23, 24, 28, 30, Dec 1 (evening)

*Must order 72 hours before pick-up*

About Us

MYRIAD was started by Sherry Ashton from an “aha!” moment when volunteering time for a non-profit organization. She was asked (for the second time in one evening) for a service that the organization didn’t provide. That incident led to the founding of Myriad. With the help of Temple University’s Small Business Development Center, good friends and extraordinary family members we opened up the catering division of our multi-faceted business in January 2010.

MYRIAD’s goal is to provide services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We have assembled a highly efficient, creative and knowledgeable team to attain that goal.

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